We are Vanessa & Sarah - We want to empower as many creative women as possible to do what they love!

We are really passionate about PHOTOGRAPHY especially to document raw and authentic lovestories. It`s crazy, photography has so much power and is the only time-machine into the past.You can look back on photos 50 years from now and be able to relive that very moment again and again and again. Telling love stories has taught us a lot. But most of all how precious moments are. The big ones and the small ones. The perfect and the imperfect. Moments that fill us with happiness. Moments we can’t relive. We are incredibly grateful that we have the opportunity to record this for eternity.

We are really passionate about EDUCATION and sharing our knowledge and journey. One side is the creative one, but the other side is the marketing and business side. You have to have both to survive, and if you don’t have it, you have to teach yourself the business side to succeed in the long run. We continue our learning constantly and attend workshops, because no matter where we are on your journey, there is always room for growth and inspiration.

We are really passionate about TRAVELING and discovering new places. We love experiencing new adventures, setting out to broaden our horizons and leave the comfort zone. We love to be inspired by beautiful nature and surroundings. The world has so many beautiful places and there is always something to discover!

We are really passionate about the EMPOWERMENT mindset and sharing our knowledge. We believe in a community where we work together instead of against. Together we achieve so much more than alone! WE ARE MORE POWERFUL WHEN WE EMPOWER EACH OTHER.